Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare

Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare starts on September 25th and runs through November 1st. For specific dates and hours click here

  • This bone-chilling experience combine the most HAUNTED HOUSE technology featured in 3 different haunted attractions. These attractions will put you in the middle of the most immersive experience of your life.
  • The three attractions are based on Rob Zombie’s horror films and characters: Captain Spaulding’s Clown School in 3D , The Devil’s Rejects and 31.
  • The ultimate midway, BLOODY BOULEVARD, with roaming creatures, freak shows, themed food and drink, musical entertainment and creepy activities. The Bloody Boulevard will not be open on concert nights but there will still be plenty of roaming freaks and food and beverages
  • An entire night of fun and fright.

Captain Spaulding’s Clown School in 3D

This irreverent school of pure terror is a hallucinogenic trip through the mind of Captain Spaulding.  Startle after startle will thoroughly frighten the bravest victim, who won’t know whether they should be screaming, laughing or crying.

The Devil’s Rejects

The murderous, backwoods Firefly family takes to the road to escape a vengeful police force that isn’t afraid of being as ruthless as its target. Guests will become part of the stat troopers’ search and destroy mission against the Firefly family who are wanted for over 75 homicides and disappearances.


On October 30, 1975, five carnival workers were kidnapped and held hostage until the following night (Halloween), where they are put in a compound named “Murder World”. They’re told that they are there to take part in a game named “31” where the goal is to survive past the next 12 hours. This is made difficult by the fact that they are not alone in Murder World; a violent gang of evil clowns are there and stalking their every move.


All NEW Bloody BLVD with Major Carnival Rides, Freak shows, musical entertainment, roaming characters, themed food and beverages, games and vendors.


Thursdays and Sundays 7:00PM-10:00PM, Fridays and Saturdays 7:00PM-12 MID.  Concert nights doors open at 5:00PM Concert starts at 8:00PM and haunted house is open until everyone who purchased tickets can get through. Click Here for specific dates we are open


The Odeum Expo Center, Villa Park, IL


Everything is indoors including the haunted houses, box office and waiting lines.


Although this event is open to all ages, it is EXTREMELY frightening and is not recommended for children.

We do NOT suggest bringing children under 13.


There is plenty of parking available. The Odeum Expo Center charges for parking.


It is strongly advised to wear proper footwear when attending. We frown upon flip-flops and high heels.


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